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Firearms Legal Defense Seminar - Loveland, CO

Separate Legal Fact from Fiction! Get the facts on the Law of Deadly Force, "Make My Day" law and much more...

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ALL Defensive Firearms Training Classes
meet the requirements for Colorado CCW licensing

Choose the class that suits your training objectives

Basic Pistol Training

For beginners with little or no knowledge about handguns.

NRA Basic Pistol Safety
NRA First Steps
Concealed Carry Weapons

Perfect for anyone who will carry and would like to take the information in smaller sections. Classes build on previous one but can also stand alone.

Concealed Carry Classroom
Concealed Carry Range 1
Concealed Carry Range 2
Defensive Shooting Classes

Designed to teach defensive shooting fundamentals, not just shooting fundamentals. You should be very comfortable with your firearm.

Defensive Handgun level 1
Defensive Handgun level 2
Defensive Handgun level 3

Relevant, Practical Handgun Training